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At First Christian Church of Valdosta we are a family.   And like all families we like to celebrate and lift up the special moments in the life of our members.   


Ecclesiastes 3:1 tells us "There is a time for everything, a season for every activity under the heavens".  We celebrate your life and every birth, for God created you.  We celebrate your engagement and marriage, for God joined you to form one.  We celebrate your baptism, for you are born into the Spirit.  We celebrate the milestones of graduation, for God has plans for you and we are excited to see and be a part of that journey.  We celebrate when you join our FCCV family, for we have the chance to learn and grow in our faith together as we break bread together.  We celebrate for a life well lived and for the blessing of having known and learned from you once your earthly journey is complete.  

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Jeremiah 1:5

"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations."

We would like to wish you the happiest of birthdays!  May your day be blessed with love, family, friends and all that is special.  We hope you have a wonderful day today!

January Birthdays

3rd   Elle Scruggs

13th  Floyd Grice

13th  Alex Tillman

15th   Rusty McCall

17th   Garey Wood

18th   Leslie McGhin

19th   Deann Scruggs

23rd  David Christian

30th  Bobby Dasher

February Birthdays

4th  Trey Sherwood

6th  John Walker

9th   Vickie Stevens

13th  Klaus Tillman

15th  Benjamin McTier

16th   Katie Courson

20th  Jodie Stevens

March Birthdays

3rd  Jack Coffey Jr.

3rd  Vickie Johnson

3rd  Leigh Smith

4th  Lilly Robinson

4th  Olivia Robinson

4th  Will Robinson Jr.

5th  Jason Davenport

5th  David Williams

6th  Guest Bridges

6th  Mike Wyche

11th   Jennifer Chick

11th   Andrew Eliason

12th  Carly Goff

13th  Regina Wisenbaker

14th  Rose Ware

14th  Mary Williams

15th  Daniel Wallace

16th  Lauren McTier

16th  Cleo Williams

18th  Marie Wood

19th   Barbara Alexander

19th   Dan Schert

19th   Abbie Sherwood

21st    Samuel Eutzler

21st   Wildean McClelland

25th  Colton Rigg

26th  Kathryn Williams

28th  Shelby Culbreth

28th  Karen Garrison

31st    Tommy Strom

April Birthdays

2nd   Gloria Fortin

6th    Jennifer Strickland

12th   Sandra Bostwick

13th   Steve Patelski

14th   Nancy Branson

14th   Tommy Clements

15th   Dean Branson

22nd   Ann Dasher

22nd   Charlotte Wisenbaker

24th    Miranda Culbreth

24th    Steffi Tillman

25th    Gary Goddard

25th   Frank McTier

25th   Mike Rigg

26th   Mason Bassford

26th   Shirin Eutzler

May Birthdays

1st    Michele Corbitt

1st    Gary Wisenbaker

4th   Julia Adams

4th   William Girardin

4th   Don Stanley

9th   Becky Luke

11th    Lee Gould

12th   Jane Osborn

12th   Kate Swiderski

19th   Graham Bridges

19th    Debbie Strickland

21st   Susannah Lagioia

25th  Rachel Eutzler

26th  Leslie Sherwood

27th   Mark Bassford

27th   Stephanie Ruepp

31st    Thomas Jenkins

June Birthdays

1st   David Goff

1st   Laura Goff

1st   Lynn Nolan

1st   Sue Nelle Scruggs

1st   Dee Dee Stanley

5th  Kay Waldron

6th   Linda Kelley

7th   Gwen Strom

11th   Yvonne Wyche

14th  Laurie Davis

14th  Jaclyn Taylor

19th   Ginger Alexander

20th  Pat Hodges

24th  Michael Christopher

26th  Rosalyn Ridley

26th  Julia Sherwood

27th   Gracie Graham

July Birthdays

1st    Marti Schert

7th   John Chick

7th   Kathy Schmitt

13th  Joy Bassford

13th  Matt Eutzler

14th  Brenda Clements

15th    Alan Davis

18th    Jeanette Cole

18th    Kathy Wenck

21st    Katharine Courson

22nd  Sara Adams

22nd  Wade Crance

23rd  Carol Wilson

24th   Debbie Nolan

25th   Trey Bassford

26th   Anne Komacko

27th   Byron Courson

29th   Brenda Wetherington

August Birthdays

3rd  Tootsie Tillman

4th  LeAnne McCall

9th  Mary Odenwelder

10th  David Zajac

12th  Greer Bridges

17th    Emil Girardin

17th    David Roddey

22nd  Paula Chick

24th   Sky Robinson

26th   Dale Bostwick

27th   Angela Culbreth

27th   Luke Closson Jr.

30th  Gilbert Schmitt

30th   Ken Strickland

31st    Kendall Doub

September Birthdays

2nd  Judy Arden

3rd   Charles Beadle

5th   Emily Davenport

6th   Bonnie Closson

10th  Nearing Adams

10th  Jerry Price

14th  Diane Walker

15th  Katie Altman

16th  Loyd Johnson

16th  Dora Zajac

17th  Laura Wood

18th  Jamie Goff

19th Aiden Deane

20th  Jimmy Williams

24th  Debbie Ragans

25th  Linda Cullen

27th  Ruby Parrish

27th  Harry Smith

29th  Susan Rigg

October Birthdays

1st    Pamela Carter

1st    Marvina Goddard

2nd  Anya Cain

2nd  Joan Ruepp

6th   Karen Buchheit

8th   Sara Tillman

8th   Nancy Williams

9th    Barbara Price

14th   Parrie Marie Beach

15th   Ansley Acree

16th   Bubba Nolan

18th   Cleo Williams

19th   Charles Backus

19th   Linda Lauterbach

20th  Liz Tillman

22nd  Malissa Eliason

25th   William Moore

27th   Linda Patelski

28th   Neal Culbreth

29th   Janie Jenkins

30th   Faith Taylor

November Birthdays

2nd  Yvette Moore

2nd  Terrilynn Morris

3rd   Dee Dee Girardin

6th   Lilly Parrish

7th   Emilee Altman

7th   Sally Sue Christopher

9th   Cynthia Rowley

11th   Barbara Smith

12th  Stella Bassford

13th  Ben Kelley

13th  Betsy McTier

15th  Leigh Carter

16th  Calvin Nolan

16th  Jane Sherwood

19th  Marjorie Hawkins

21st   Ron Fortin

22nd Nora Chick

26th  Susan Swader

27th  Mike Lagioia

30th  Geri Backus

December Birthdays

2nd  Mitzi Parrish

5th   Rick Morris

6th   Laura Dasher

6th   Clark Davenport

8th   A.J. Altman

8th   Linda Law

8th   Jim Scruggs

9th   Donald Altman

16th  Bud Bassford

16th  Janice Scruggs

17th  Mac McQuaig

18th  Kathy Fondren

19th  Dennis Smith

21st  Rusty Acree

22nd  Angela Crance

24th   Stephanie Wilson

29th   Craig Parrish

30th   Cliff Arden

31st    Renee Bridges


Genesis 2:24

"Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh."



2nd     Ben & Linda Kelley

16th     Steve & Linda Patelski

17th     Mark & Morgan Bassford

20th    Trey & Leslie Sherwood

26th    Charles & Geri Backus


8th      Garey & Marie Woods

13th     Cleo & Nancy Williams

24th    William & Yvette Moore


12th     Alex & Steffi Tillman

18th     Jerry & Barbara Price

20th    David & Laura Goff

29th    Andrew & Malissa Eliason

30th    Rick & Terrilynn Morris


3rd     Bubba & Debbie Nolan

9th     Dale & Sandra Bostwick

13th    Mike & Yvonne Wyche

17th    Walton & Leslie McGhin

25th   Dan & Marti Schert

28th   Jodie & Vickie Stevens


8th      Cliff & Judy Arden

25th    Gary & Marvina Goddard

30th    William & Dee Dee Girardin


13th     Craig & Mitzi Parrish

21st     Wade & Angela Crance

25th    John & Kate Swiderski


10th     John & Paula Chick


2nd     Rusty & LeAnne McCall

16th     Ron & Gloria Fortin

24th    Donald & Katie Altman

28th    Thomas & Janie Jenkins


1st     Nearing & Sara Adams

8th    Matt & Shirin Eutzler

12th   David & Kathryn Williams

15th   Dean & Nancy Branson

19th   John & Diane Walker

22nd  David & Dora Zajac

26th   Frank & Betsy McTier

26th   Jim & Deann Scruggs

28th   Ken & Jennifer Strickland


6th     Tommy & Gwen Strom

8th      Rusty & Ansley Acree

16th    Calvin & Lynn Nolan

24th   Jimmy & Mary Williams


1st     Michael & Sally Sue Christopher

5th    Neal & Angela Culbreth

10th   Harry & Barbara Smith

17th    Bud & Joy Bassford

20th   Bobby & Ann Dasher

22nd  Jason & Emily Davenport

28th   Byron & Katharine Courson

29th   Mike & Susannah Lagioia


17th     Don & Dee Dee Stanley

18th     Donny & Stephanie Ruepp

20th    Gil & Kathy Schmitt

21st     Graham & Renee Bridges

22nd   Tommy & Brenda Clements

27th     Luke & Bonnie Closson


If we live, we live for the Lord;

and if we die, we die for the Lord.

So, whether we live or die,

We belong to the Lord.

Romans 14:8


January 7th             Liz Richards

January 18th           Clint Purdy

January 28th           Ricky Hart

February 18th         Jenny Haverland

March 6th               Frank Perry

March 16th             Patricia "Patti" Girardin

July 9th                   Sue Cox

July 25th                 Susan Diane Palmer

August 9th              Phillip Wetherington

December 11th       Howard Burks

We remember those that have gone before us to rest with our Lord this year.  We thank the Lord for a life well lived and for the blessing of having known and learned from these faithful brothers and sisters in Christ.  We continue to pray for their families and friends for comfort and peace.


January 4th             David Christian Jr.

January 7th             Juanita Rodriguez

January 12th           Tommy Wakefield

February 7th           Joann Burnett

April 8th                  Mike Robertson

April 11th                George Scruggs

April 18th                Johnie Lynch

April 30th                John Eades

May 10th                 June Coleman

May 25th                 William Garrett

September 8th        John McTier

September 16th      Bonnie Maxwell Sorenson

October  14th          Faye Taylor

December 1st         Jewell Ann Christian


January 21st     Wayne Alexander

April 15th             Dr. Fred A. Ware Jr.

May 10th              Bill Wenck

In Remembrance

"for all of you who were baptized into Christ
have clothed yourselves with Christ."   
Galatians 3:27

At First Christian Church believe in baptism by submersion.  Romans 6:4 tells us " We were therefore buried with him through baptism into death in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, we too may live a new life." 

We rejoice in the baptism of an individual as they are born again in Christ.  If you are interested in being baptized our waters are open to you!  You do not need to be a member of our church. You do not have to join our congregation.  We are here to help you in your journey of faith.  If you have questions about baptism, we are here to help answer those questions for you.  If you would like to speak to our Senior Minister, John Chick regarding baptism, please call  229-244-1742 (church office) or 229-292-6879 (Cell Phone).  

Welcome to your new life in Christ!

07/17/22 Mason Bassford
08/07/22 Aiden Deane


"Whatever you do, work heartily,
as for the Lord and not for men," 
Colossians  3:23

We congratulate all of our graduating students.  We are so proud of your accomplishment and looking forward to seeing what the future holds in store for you.

2022 High School Graduates

Landon Greene
Lauren McTier
Ruby Parrish
David Pifer
Julia Sherwood
Jaclyn Taylor
Liz Tillman


2022 College Graduates

Katie Courson
Shelby Culbreth
David Donahoe
Jorge Flores
Noah Landrum
Brooklyn McGonagle
Lindsay Miller
Isaiah Ricks
Ethan Walden


Welcome New Members
Welcome (4).jpg

We would like to welcome our newest members.  It is a time of celebration when our church family grows.  We look forward to supporting you and growing with you in your faith journey over the years.  



Thomas & Janie Jenkins
Cynthia Rowley
Kendall Doub
Leigh Carter
Gary & Marvina Goddard


Mary Odenwelder
David & Laura Goff
Carly Goff
Jaime Goff
Gary Wisenbaker
Cathy Deyo
Michele Corbitt
Michael & Sally Sue Christopher
Rusty & Ansley Acree
Luke & Bonnie Closson Jr.
Phillip & Brenda Wetherington
Ron & Gloria Fortin
Leslie McGhin
Julie Ecker
Rick & Terrilynn Morris



Carolyn Wilson

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